Where our company came from

  Our family entered the embroidery business in 1977 starting with a single head Machine located in the basement of my family's home.

Since those beginning days our business has grown into a 7,500 sq. foot building and more than 40 production heads.

  We service embroidery production for our immediate local community. Scott Phillips who is lead of JS Digitizing has brought many industry awards to our company for Small lettering quality and artful use of stitches in commercial embroidery designing.

  We have achieved our level of expertise while working real world embroidery production for real customers. Over 35 years of trial and error knowledge is built into every design we create.
Word of mouth grew our digitizing department into four full time digitizers who have all learned everything from Scott since the first day they heard the word "embroidery". Our youngest digitizer has been with the company for nearly 14 years.

  We have a passion for this industry and our embroidery designs sew quickly in production without a need to ever send them back for editing.
We may sound confident and our team is very confident, after all we made all the mistakes that could have been made over the past 35 years, so your team won't have to carry that burden and place the knowledge from those years into every order.

There is no value that can be placed on wisdom gained while working with real production everyday.

We learned what works and what doesnt the hardway and that knowledge goes into everything we do.

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